French pronunciation

For children and beginners

I am used to explaining French pronunciation as simply and clearly as possible in my online lessons.

I have therefore written:

  • In color, the letters that are not pronounced.
  • The English transcription of all French words.

My aim is to show you that French is easy and that you can speak it immediately!

My beginners understand everything right away because I translate everything into English and write the French phonetics in English.

This makes them feel very comfortable and confident in their language skills. 

Then, in my classes, I speak more and more French and finally only will speak French! And your children will understand!

As a native French teacher, I will be happy to help you pronounce French perfectly, please contact me to book a private lesson!

Letters with English transcription

In French,  we do not pronounce many letters!

Julie (zhewlee)   Julie

Elle s’appelle. (ehl sahpehl)   Her name is.

1 syllable: je (zhuh)   I  

Elle téléphone. (ehl taylayfohn)   She calls.

le père (luh pehr)   father

Vous‿ êtes. (voo zeht)    You are.

à bientôt (ah byanto)   see you soon

  • Letter s:
    • s is not pronounced at the end of words :

Je suis. (zhuh sewee)   I am.

    • s is pronounced  as “z” between two vowels:

Toulouse (toolooz) Toulouse (city in France)

    • At the beginning of a word, s is pronounced as “s“:

super (sewpehr)   super

la connexion (lah kohnehksyohn)   connection 

Silent letters

Elle habite. (ehl ahbeet)   She lives.

Letter combinations with English transcription

français (frahnseh)   French

l’écrivain (laykreevan)   writer

français (frahnseh)   French

la campagne (lahkahmpahny)   countryside

au revoir (o ruhvwah)   goodbye

il marche (eel mahrsh)   it works

vraiment (vrehmahn)   really

septembre (sehptahnbr)   September


la campagne (lahkahmpahny)   countryside

la connexion (lah kohnehksyohn)   connection 

pour toi (poor twah)   for you

Elle téléphone. (ehl taylayfohn)   She calls.

Linking consonants

  • Linking consonant: les (lay) = the, des (day) = some + vowel / hs is pronounced as  «z»:

lesécrivains (lay zaykreevan)   (the) writers

deshistoires (day zeestwahr)   (some) stories

  • Linking consonant nous (noo) = we, vous (voo) = you,  ils (eel) = they + vowel / hs is pronounced as “z“:

Nousaimons. (noo zehmon)   We like.

Vousêtes. (voo zeht)   You are.

Ilsaiment. (eel zehm)   They like.