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Native French tutor

Fun native French online tutor for children and adults

I have been teaching French online via Skype, Zoom to Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers since 2014.

I know how to explain French pronunciation, grammar in English and can translate everything, so my beginners feel comfortable and everything is clear to them!

I can also give French lessons in Bulgarian and Russian.

I am a cheerful person and very positive.

I will do anything to make your child feel good, believe in themselves and develop their potential.

I often like to tell jokes in French and sing modern French songs.

I do everything to make learning interesting for your children.

For example, I talk about football with one child, anime with another, and Netflix series or Tik Tok with others.

Or maybe we will speak about Netflix on Tik Tok! 

Skype, Zoom

I teach French online via Skype, Zoom and other modes of communication.

60 minutes

An online French lesson for children with me lasts for 60 minutes.


I teach French online to children starting from 10 years old.


I also prepare children for French exams such as the AP French exam or the DELF, which I am very familiar with.

I can also assist you with other exams based on your needs.

I also teach French school subjects.

For example:

  • Mathematics,
  • French history,
  • Literature,
  • Chemistry,
  • Physics

in French!

I will help prepare your child to join a French school or help with homework if he is already studying in France or in a French speaking country.

1-on-1 / group

I provide online French lessons in both 1-on-1 sessions and group classes.


The prices for French lessons for children with me are listed here.

Questions - answers

I teach French online to children starting from 10 years old, and it’s going really well.

I can also teach French to children as young as 7 if they’re comfortable using a computer and have some basic knowledge of French.

With beginners, I translate all French words into English so that everything is immediately understandable.

I write the French pronunciation in English, making everything clear, and children see that French is easy.

I use French books written in English.

From the very first lesson, I’ll tell a joke in French about Toto, and your child will understand and, above all, have fun!

Then, gradually over the following classes, I will speak more and more in French naturally, and in the end, only in French!

Free trial lesson

I offer a free 15-minute online French lesson for children. It’s important for me to get to know your child and demonstrate that French is easy and fun!