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About me


My name is Gurvan, and I am a fun native French online tutor!

My specialty is teaching French to children with a positive approach!

I can teach from scratch and explain the pronunciation and grammar of the French language in English for children and beginners.

I was a French language teacher at the university in Samara between 2014 and 2017.

In 2023, I created this website so everyone can read my lessons for beginners and children and watch my videos.


Since 2014, I have successfully taught French online to over 200 students!

My expertise includes:

School's founder

In 2014, I founded the online school French Teachers for Russian speakers.

Building on my successful teaching experience with Russian speakers, and leveraging my proficiency in English, I took the initiative in 2022 to extend French lessons to English-speaking individuals.

This led to the creation of the online school EN French Teachers.

In 2021, my journey took me to Bulgaria, where I explored cities like Sofia, Varna, and Plovdiv, instantly falling in love with the country.

This experience inspired me to embark on learning Bulgarian.

Consequently, in 2022, I decided to launch the online French school BG French Teachers for Bulgarian speakers.


In 2021, I founded the translation agency French Translation, and subsequently, EN French Translation in 2023.

My work primarily revolves around translating various texts from Russian to French and from English to French.

These texts include resumes, cover letters, and websites. I focus on adapting the translations to ensure they are easily understood by a French-speaking audience.


I have created the following websites:

Questions - answers

Yes, I do provide online French lessons for beginner children starting from 10 years old; it’s my specialty!

I know how to teach French grammar and pronunciation in a simple and enjoyable way.

Yes, I live in France, and I provide in-person French lessons in Le Havre, the city where I live.

For English speakers, I can teach French in English for beginners.

For Russian speakers, I am able to conduct French lessons in Russian. For Bulgarian speakers, I can explain the basics of French in Bulgarian.