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Online French lessons

French tutor

I’ve been teaching French to children and beginners successfully for several years, and I wanted to share my experience and demonstrate my teaching approach.

My aim is to show that learning French can be easy!

Since 2014, I have successfully taught French online to over 200 students!

My expertise includes:

Furthermore, I’ve written a French book designed for children and beginner Russian speakers, along with a website for self-learning French in Russian.

Yes, I do provide online French lessons for beginner children starting from 10 years old; it’s my specialty!

I know how to teach French grammar and pronunciation in a simple and enjoyable way.

Yes, I live in France, and I provide in-person French lessons in Le Havre, the city where I live.

For English speakers, I can teach French in English for beginners.

For Russian speakers, I am able to conduct French lessons in Russian. For Bulgarian speakers, I can explain the basics of French in Bulgarian.

Yes, I do written translations from English to French, such as CVs, cover letters, and websites.

I also translate documents from Russian to French.

If you need a translation, please contact me!

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Online lessons

I teach French online to children starting from 10 years old, and it’s going really well.

I can also teach French to children as young as 7 if they’re comfortable using a computer and have some basic knowledge of French.

With beginners, I translate all French words into English so that everything is immediately understandable.

I write the French pronunciation in English, making everything clear, and children see that French is easy.

I use French books written in English.

From the very first lesson, I’ll tell a joke in French about Toto, and your child will understand and, above all, have fun!

Then, gradually over the following classes, I will speak more and more in French naturally, and in the end, only in French!

The prices for online French lessons with me, a native French speaker, are offered in packages.

They include classes for children, beginners, adults, and preparation for French exams.

For inquiries regarding payment, please contact me directly to find the best method!

Absolutely! I provide a complimentary 15-minute session to get acquainted, discuss your objectives, and demonstrate my approach to teaching French online!